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Before Activity:

Get an accurate measurement of heat stress using a wet-bulb globe thermometer which accounts for ambient temperature, relative humidity and radiation from the sun. If the WBGT is greater than 28 degrees C (82 degrees F), an athletic event should be delayed, rescheduled, or moved.

Kestrel 5400
Heat Stress Monitor

USA-made handheld rugged, multi-function WBGT heat stress meter provides 15 environmental measurements.
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General Wet Bulb
Globe Thermometer

Determines true heat stress temperature by accounting for air currents, relative humidity, and solar load in addition to air temperature and relative humidity.
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Extech Heat Stress Wet Bulb Temperature Meter

Considers the effects of temperature, humidity and direct or radiant sunlight.

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During Activity - Keep Hydrated

Water loss that is not regained increases the risk for heat illness. Be prepared and ready to support your athletes’ needs by stocking up on hydration now.

Gatorade Fuel and Restore Performance Packages

Receive (1) case of Gatorade Thirst Quencher Powder and then choose between cups and contour bottles to complete your package. Free shipping!
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Gatorade Power Packs, Various Flavors

Contain all the flavor, electrolytes and carbohydrates needed to help athletes stay better hydrated and turn in their best performance.
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Endurolytes Electrolyte Replacement Capsules

Consistent replenishment of electrolytes optimizes performance, enhances endurance and offers superior support for the prevention of cramping, spasms, and other dehydration related issues.
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Emergency Heat Response

The goal is to lower the body temperature to 102 degrees F or less within 30 minutes of collapse.

Life Pod

Portable water immersion device made of heavy-duty PVC.
  • Packs as a bag
  • Uses 3 to 10 gallons of water
  • Includes temperature probe portal
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DataTherm II
Continuous Monitor

An all-in-one solution for assessing and monitoring core body temperature.
  • Leading core temperature monitor
  • Flexible probe
  • Can be used while athlete is immersed in water (Polar Life Pod)
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Cool Down Tubs

Allows athletes to get in and relax while cooling their core temperature.
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